The Mobile Literacy Arts Bus (MLAB) is an artist-run, renovated recreational vehicle that exists as a flexible space open to community members’ proposals for alternative educational and cultural programming.

MLAB is the collaborative effort of the 2007-2008 Social Sculpture class at Syracuse University, comprised of 10 art and architecture students and lead by artist and Director of Community Initiatives in the Visual Arts of Syracuse University, Marion Wilson. Our mission was to transform a used, 1984 Recreational Vehicle Bus into a Mobile Literacy and Arts Bus for use by the Syracuse City School District and the greater Syracuse Community. MLAB serves as a physical manifestation of Syracuse University’s Scholarship in Action initiative, by pairing University resources with community needs in an attempt to address the staggering drop out rates in the Syracuse City School District High Schools. Through the School of Education at Syracuse University, incredible curricula that bridge photography, poetry and literacy currently exist within the public schools-- however due to a crisis of space, the schools don't always have the space or resources to house it. MLAB is this space. The bus serves as a mobile classroom, digital photo lab, gallery space, and community center. As a team, we did it all: demolition, design, and construction.

MLAB is made possible from the generous support of the School of Education at Syracuse University and Entitiative.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Wear your Bike Helmets, Please

We are terribly sad to hear that Zach was in a bad bike accident today - he is alive!!!!- but he broke his collarbone and is out of commission for awhile. The most important thing is that he gets well and I encourage you all to extend your thoughts and help to him.

We will discuss first thing on Thursday how this affects our work plan for the coming weeks - and Zach assures me that he will be in class for this discussion. Please be thinking about this the rest of you before Thursday - Zach was a our chief fabricator and we will need to strategize a bit no doubt.

We all wish Zach a speedy recovery!


Yun Pei said...

Zac. "thank you", now i have to work more and cannot use my stupid hand as excuse anymore. hope you recover well and soon. we need you back on team.

Anonymous said...

Zach. Im glad to hear that you are ok, well except for the broken collerbone, which sucks. Get well soon.

cazhog said...

Very sorry to hear about your accident. Hope your not in too much pain and get better real soon.

cazhog said...

Here is the news article on Zach
Truck, bicycle crash sends cyclist to hospital
Posted by Michele Reaves November 05, 2007 6:05PM
Categories: Breaking News, City News, Crime & Safety

A bicycle and pickup truck collided in the intersection of East Brighton Avenue and the 481 North onramp.

The crash occurred at 1:50 p.m., Syracuse police Lt. Joe Cecile said.

Zackary Seibold, 22, of 814 Maryland Ave., was riding his bike in the middle lane on East Brighton Avenue going straight. Fredrick Keefer, 62, of Seneca Falls, was driving a 2007 Chevy pickup in the far right lane and made a left turn onto the 481 onramp hitting the bike, Cecile said.

Seibold was thrown from the bike and hit the pavement. He was conscious and alert but was transported to University Hospital for treatment, Cecile said.

Police issued Keefer a ticket for failure to yield the right of way, he said.

Roslyn said...

thanks for posting the article. I hope this guy paid for the hospital visit!

Sam said...

dear Zach, how awful. concious and alert, thats good. if you need meals on wheels let me know.