The Mobile Literacy Arts Bus (MLAB) is an artist-run, renovated recreational vehicle that exists as a flexible space open to community members’ proposals for alternative educational and cultural programming.

MLAB is the collaborative effort of the 2007-2008 Social Sculpture class at Syracuse University, comprised of 10 art and architecture students and lead by artist and Director of Community Initiatives in the Visual Arts of Syracuse University, Marion Wilson. Our mission was to transform a used, 1984 Recreational Vehicle Bus into a Mobile Literacy and Arts Bus for use by the Syracuse City School District and the greater Syracuse Community. MLAB serves as a physical manifestation of Syracuse University’s Scholarship in Action initiative, by pairing University resources with community needs in an attempt to address the staggering drop out rates in the Syracuse City School District High Schools. Through the School of Education at Syracuse University, incredible curricula that bridge photography, poetry and literacy currently exist within the public schools-- however due to a crisis of space, the schools don't always have the space or resources to house it. MLAB is this space. The bus serves as a mobile classroom, digital photo lab, gallery space, and community center. As a team, we did it all: demolition, design, and construction.

MLAB is made possible from the generous support of the School of Education at Syracuse University and Entitiative.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lecture tonight

Hello Everyone - (from Photo Professor Laura Heyman)

Artist and Curator Daniel Seiple will be giving a lecture on Tuesday,
April 15, at 7pm in 121 shaffer. Please come!

Dan Seiple is a Berlin-based sculptor and curator with an interest in
performance and site-specific works. He has exhibited internationally
at The Markus Winter Gallery, Berlin, M29, Cologne, Momenta Art,
Cynthia Broan Gallery, White Columns and Apex Art, New York, NY,
Outpost, Norwich, England, and will be included in the 2008 Berlin
Biennial. Seiple also runs a gallery space, Homie, http:// and a sculpture park and residency program,

Below is a recent project from Skulpternpark.


Skupturenpark Berlin_Zentrum presents SPEKULATIONS #1:

Grand Opening!
The Single Room Hotel
a sculpture by Etienne Boulanger

Sunday, November 18th, 4 PM

November 2007 - March 2008

Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum is pleased to announce the grand
opening of The Single Room Hotel, an affordable 2-star hotel made by
artist, Etienne Boulanger. Contained within four walls of billboards,
the hotel offers a modestly lavish and cozy interior including
electricity, heat, and hot water. The hotel is centrally and uniquely
located on the grounds of Skulpturenpark in Berlin-Mitte. For the
sophisticated traveler and everyday adventurer, it is within walking
distance of nearly all of Berlin’s most significant tourist
attractions. The hotel will be open from November until March.
Reservations can be made through the website provided below.

The Single Room Hotel sits on the corner of one of the few remaining
blocks of vacant land in Mitte. Property fences and billboards are
the only standing evidence of the land’s ownership and economy. Upon
visiting Skulpturenpark, the hotel blends in with this landscape.
From the outside, the hotel is a 1-story construction of billboards.
Boulanger has leased the hotel’s façade to advertising companies.
Consequently, the billboards provide not only the hotel’s
architectural possibility, but also its economic sustainability. With
the added revenue, the hotel can offer affordable and competitive
rates. Yet while the billboards serve their typical purpose to draw
attention to themselves, they conversely offer an urban camouflage
for the hotel and its guests to go unnoticed.

The Single Room Hotel evolved out of Boulanger’s previous work, plug-
in, a series of investigations into Berlin’s urban and public
architecture. From 2001-2003, he explored and inhabited unused,
discreet, and obscure spaces throughout the city. In one instance, he
domesticated a surprisingly big crawl space behind an advertising
sign in the U-Bahn station. He later moved into an enclave in a
bridge’s concrete foundation. The spaces often required subtle
modifications, such as building a cardboard wall, in order to
camouflage his infiltration. With The Single Room Hotel, Boulanger
has now added a commercial twist. Collectively, the projects avoid a
cliché utopian and alternative model to urbanization. Rather, they
present practical and everyday strategies for maximizing public
space, and provide a way to live within and without the system.

The Single Room Hotel will be open from November 2007 until March 2008.

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